Look at this… πŸ‘€

Look at this… πŸ‘€ https://pin.it/3V0Qyj1

I don’t know this country anymore. How you can do these sins and dare to call yourself a Christian nation. That’d be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

America doesn’t know Christianity. If you had, you would run from these obscenities. You would tear the fences down and let the children go. Jesus loved children. He would never condone this, never make excuses like, ‘oh they ain’t one of ours. ‘ What a crock. And you’re fine letting them die, letting them starve in cages we wouldn’t subject a dog to? What the fuck is the matter with you people?

I don’t have any grandparents left. I miss them terribly. I’d love them to be here to keep me grounded, to keep this contained. But I don’t and a lot of other people do. So on their behalf I will say this: if any son of a bitch asks us to sacrifice our grandparents for something as nebulous as ‘The Economy ‘, my answer to you now and always will be to go to hell. Suck a cock and go back to the devil that spawned you.

We are not Christians. We are everything we were told to avoid back in school. Our leaders disgust me and as long as we cheer on mass murderers like Trump, we have no future worth looking forward to.

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