Butterfly & Serpent–coming soon

We’re making progress towards a June publication date. The edit is coming along & I’m pretty close to done. Val Dumond is working with me on a new improved edit. I have to confess to several moments of embarrassment as I realized, a lot of these errors sneaked through into the original print. Thankfully those are being corrected. Given the sales on the first printing, this will pretty much be just like starting over. Cheers.

below: In Her Dreams (Jamai & Sydelle)


In Her Dreams 1 closeup- (1)

Rock Hewn Churches of Ethiopia


Ethiopia has seen its hard times in recent decades. However it remains the one land never to be conquered by foreigners. It also boasts magnificent rock-hewn churches, dating from the 13th Century. The name is apt; these holy sites had been literally carved from the hills of Ethiopia, centuries before the Renaissance began to turn back a thousand years of ignorance in Europe, before there was even a notion of such a place as ‘America’. LalibelaPilgrims_jpgrock-hewn-churches-of-lalibelahttp_cdn.cnn.comcnnnextdamassets130625155428-ethiopia-churches-lalibela-rocks-bete-giyorgis