Fathers And Daughters: Butterfly And Serpent Book II

Fathers & Daughters: Butterfly & Serpent Book II

By Michael Robbins

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ISBN-10: 0692092110

ISBN-13: 978-0692092118

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This is a major step forward for both our protagonists. Jamai emerges as a more confident self-assured personality with better control of her abilities. But she has much to learn still.

A terrorist assault by the Children of Sydelle results in the paralysis of his village and the abduction of Youssou Hadebe’s mother. This is the latest in a lifelong series of depredations against his family, and Youssou has had enough.

He needs the only woman to ever foil their schemes, and she was now serving a life sentence. Though Youssou is successful in securing a conditional release, he soon finds himself facing his unresolved pain, as well as a reunion with an enemy he was not aware even existed.

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Bonus feature: The origin story of Sydelle, as told by the person she’d overwhelmed.


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