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Talk that compares Banning Knives vs. Banning Guns is spurious at best

A Knife is not a Weapon of Mass Destruction

One has to make an Effort to push the blade through Flesh, Muscle, Bone

Not to mention that nifty outfit you’re wearing

You’re only able to take out one person at a time

And you have to get Up Close & Personal

A Gun removes those limitations

A Gun is Stupid Easy

Depending on the range of your weapon, you never have to go near your target

You can spray a volley of bullets

Hundreds to a magazine

In a matter of seconds

And you never have to get your victim’s blood all over your nice flannel shirt

You would never have to make a Human Connection

To your murder victims at all



Now This/ Facebook May 19, 2018

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick blames Santa Fe shooting on ‘too many exits’

If there has been only ONE entrance to their school, this guy would have had a clear shot to pick people off one by one, or shoot them all in a straight line.
Sorry, when is the last time you’ve been to a school, guy? Of course there’s multiple doors! You have 11,000 students going to different classrooms, in different rooms or portables on campus, which they have to get to within a five-minute time period.

Here’s a thought, and I’m just bein’ silly here…BAN ALL THE F—ING GUNS FORM CAMPUS! No gun zone! Gee! Ain’t that simple?

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Retweeted Indivisible Guide (@IndivisibleTeam):

We’ve said #enough. We’ve said thoughts and prayers are not enough. We can’t watch the inaction in Congress go by unexcused. We can’t lose more to senseless gun violence. It’s time to #VoteThemOut.

Go to and commit to change who represents us.

Butterfly & Serpent–coming soon

We’re making progress towards a June publication date. The edit is coming along & I’m pretty close to done. Val Dumond is working with me on a new improved edit. I have to confess to several moments of embarrassment as I realized, a lot of these errors sneaked through into the original print. Thankfully those are being corrected. Given the sales on the first printing, this will pretty much be just like starting over. Cheers.

below: In Her Dreams (Jamai & Sydelle)

In Her Dreams 1 closeup- (1)

Also coming soon

The follow-up book to Butterfly & Serpent follows a couple months after the reprint, if all goes smooth. Thanks again to Val Dumond for her encouragement and much needed guidance.


Fathers & Daughters: Butterfly & Serpent Book II

By Michael Robbins


A terrorist assault by the Children of Sydelle results in the paralysis of

his village and the abduction of Youssou Hadebe’s mother. This is the

latest in a lifelong series of depredations against his family, and Youssou

has had enough.

He needs the only woman to ever foil their schemes, and she was now

serving a life sentence. Though Youssou is successful in securing a conditional

release, he soon finds himself facing his unresolved pain, as well as a reunion

with an enemy he was not aware even existed.


Bonus feature: The origin story of Sydelle, as told by the person she’d



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Coming Soon

We’ll be re-formatting and re-releasing this work very soon, with a new cover.

A great big Thanks to Val Dumond for editorial guidance and Epstein-like genius in getting my fanny going.



Butterfly & Serpent by Michael Robbins

 Revised Edition





Jamai Dlamini has lived a life of isolation in her own community. She

has a gift she doesn’t understand and can’t control. Other forces with

sinister intentions have set their sights on her, including a disembodied

spirit from another dimension who understands her situation all too well.

As events in her life spin out of control, even her best friend Youssou is

drawn into the net tightening around her. Along the way she will find that

she has unexpected allies among the living…and the dead.


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