What I DIDN’T want for my Book

B & S new cover

Early on I acquired a certain sensibility regarding my fellow man, vis a vis a view towards a more hopeful future for our species. That sentiment has faced its challenges particularly in the last couple of decades when our political leaders have chosen a divide-&-conquer approach to governing.

Most science fiction movies these days have pretty much abandoned all hope for the human race. Our doom appears assured, either through our own devious means or some outside intervention. These are the kind of movies I’m not motivated to sit through twice.

It seems to be the same in print, and not just in the sci-fi field. A spirit of cynicism, of hopelessness seems to be the order of the day. This entire generation appears to be steeped in a spirit of distrust and gloom, and much of that is justified to be sure.    I don’t believe I’m here to justify the way things are or to reflect the spirit of this age in my writing. As a human being in general and an free citizen of the United States in particular, it’s my job to invert the way things are, to project a better vision.

The way the world is now sucks monkey balls. My job is to tell you hey, we can do better. We HAVE done better, but only if we put aside our stupid baseless hate for one another. That’s where greatness begins. And if we can share some laughs along the way, I’m happy to serve.